Us the calendar below to check for availability of Beatrice. Dates in red are not available. Then complete the form below to request a booking,  or email [email protected] or call 01538 710566.

Beatrice trips normally begin at 10 o'clock from our base at Cheddleton Flint Mill, but because of low water levels this is currently changed to the CRT wharf at Park Lane, Endon. If you require a later start please either call 01538 710566 or make a note in the 'Additional Information' box on the booking request form below.

You can also use this 'Additional Information' box, if you wish, to let us know any other preferences, such as the route, stopping places or when you need to get back. Please be aware, however, that precise timings depend on conditions on the day.

Once your booking has been confirmed please call 01538 710566 or email [email protected] if you need to make any changes or wish to cancel. If possible please give us at least 48 hours notice of any cancellation.  A cancellation made on the day of the trip, when it is too late to stand down the crew, may still be charged.


ABOUT BEATRICE The boat is not available for self-drive hire and the booking charge includes a crew of two, a qualified Skipper and an experienced crew member. Because all our skippers and crew are volunteers we cannot confirm a reservation until we have checked crew availability. This is, however, rarely a problem unless the booking is at very short notice.

The maximum number of passengers we can accommodate is 12. For schools this number includes both children and staff. The limit is stipulated in our licence agreement and in our insurance cover. This includes a maximum of three using wheelchairs.

Schools must ensure that they have enough staff members to supervise children inside the boat. We are happy for one or two children to help with the locks, but they must be actively supported by a member of school staff, and there should still be sufficient school staff on the boat. One or two volunteers will always help with the lock work.

To learn more about the boat and trips click here.

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