As we restart services we recognise the Covid pandemic is not over and we will be taking extra precautions for the safety and reassurance of our passengers and crew.

  • We will check the temperature of each crew member and passenger on arrival, and those with reading above 37.8C will be asked not to join the trip
  • Passengers, especially children, will not be touched
  • Our crew will keep apart from passengers in the cabin as much as possible
  • Our crew will be willing to wear masks when in proximity to guests (in cabin or working the locks), responding to requests by the party
  • Towels and tea towels have been removed from the boat and replaced by blue paper rolls for hand and dish drying, with rubbish sacks in a bin for discarded towels, located in the cabin
  • Please note that such towels should not be put down the toilet
  • Where appropriate party leaders should supervise hand towel use and disposal
  • Paper towel bins will be emptied by crew at the end of each run
  • The cabin, bathroom and kitchen will be given a thorough anti-viral clean at the end of each run.