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Donations to the Charity Since 2008    (over £99)                                             £                       £

 2008          Phil Leese, in memory of                                                              1,360               1,360

2009          Sandycroft Construction                                                                3,000

                   Biddulph High School VI form                                                      400

                   Longton Market Traders                                                                 200

                   Mayor of Cheadle (Ivor Lucas)                                                      500

                   GMP Firth                                                                                       200

                   Bull’s Head, Burslem                                                                      235

                   Locking Party                                                                                  167

                   Endon Rotary                                                                                  250               4,952

2010          Thomas Wall Foundation                                                             1,000

                   Alton Towers                                                                                  500

                   Holy Trinity Social Club, Newcastle under Lyme                          115

                   Boats and Canals Forum+Novi Lane Dancers+SoTYPS                193

                   Leek Safety Scene                                                                            600               2,408

2011          Alton Towers                                                                                     500

                   Lord Mayor of Stoke on Trent (Denver Tollay)                            2,000

                   Wilfred and Elsie Elkes Charity Fund                                           1,000

                   Leek United Building Society                                                          200

                   Jim Mollart                                                                                       100

                   Jim Mollart, in memory of                                                                270             4,070

2012          Julius Thorn Charitable Trust                                                             600

                   Janet and David Osborn                                                                     500

                   Co-operative Community Fund+Co-op Members Group (£50)     1,050

                   Birches Head Residents Association                                                  150

                   Foresters Friendly Society                                                                  100          2,400

2013          Give-it-Sum                                                                                      1,000

                   Burslem Rotary+Leek Rotary                                                             100

                   Leek Town Lands Trustees                                                              1,000

                   Mayors of Leek (Barrie Cowie, Pam Wood)                                      600

                   Cheddleton Parish Council                                                                  100

                   Garfield Weston Foundation                                                            2,000

                   Jean Simpson coffee morning/Barclays Bank                                     689

                   Margaret Easton+A Rated Frames                                                      100

                   Anonymous                                                                                         500               6,089

2014          Your Housing Community Projects                                                     805

                   Wolverhampton Boat Club                                                                 656

                   Birches Head Residents Association+Margaret Eaton                       125

                   Staffordshire County Council LCF                                                  1,000

                   Kirk family                                                                                          185

                   Holy Trinity Social Club, Newcastle under Lyme                              115

                   Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership                                   707             3,593

2015          Staffordshire Boat Club                                                                    3,250

                   Churnet Valley WIs + Janet Osborn                                                   127

                   Stores appeals (Waitrose £281; ASDA £50)                                      331

                   Thomas Wall Trust                                                                          1,000

                   Darryl Weaver (sponsored 3 Peaks Challenge)                                 748             5,456

2016           Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership                                2,220             

                  Trinity Church, Leek                                                                           627

                   Ralph Fleming, in memory of                                                             400

                  Froghall Canal Fun Day (with half from Emma Atkinson, caterers)  353

                  Coffee morning at Trinity Church September 16 (inc donation)         300

                   Garfield Weston Foundation                                                            3,000

                    Endon and Stockton Brook Rotary                                                    250

                    Meadows School Leek                                                                       425

                    Springfield School Leek                                                                    160

                    Coffee morning Trinity Church January 17                                      580

                    Harold Critchlow/Sterling Binns                                                       375

              Sterling Binns                                                          200                                                                                                                                      }

              Trinity Church Coffee morning                                 616

               Donation                                                                 200

               Summer raffle                                                          300

               St Andrews and Endon Friendship                          110                               

               Collection boxes: Boat Inn/Stoke Boat Club            182

               Springfield and Meadows and Willows Schools       650

               Rotary Club of Uttoxeter                                         150

               National Lottery Awards for All                           10,000

               Staffordshire County Council (Cllr Atkins)             1,000

               Coffee morning Trinity Church October                    616

               Sainsbury collection and bagging                            572

 2018      F Ball & Co                                                               100

              Mr and Mrs Dudley                                                    300

              Sale Of Engine                                                       1,082

              One-Stop Shop Endon                                              162

              Coffee morning Trinity Church May                           624                   

              Old Smithy Tattoo Parlour                                         270

              Leek Inner Wheel                                                       50

              Sainsbury collection and bagging (2)                         957

             Columbus Fellowship                                             13,000

              Raffle                                                                          700

              Jill Meakin                                                                   300

             Leek Probus                                                                  50

              Rotary Club of Stockton Brook and Endon                  414

2019      Leek Ladies Inner Wheel, WHSmith Macclesfield          35

             Mrs Bremner and Mrs Sheldon                                      76

             Trust of Mrs MELemon                                             13,343

             Stoke on Trent Boat Club                                             100

             Leek Town Crier’s Christmas appeal                             500






 This excludes payment for trips. Smaller donations from schools and collection boxes, and other donations of less than £100 have also been left out (though a few significant donations below that level have been aggregated).

Schools and individual well-wishers have been very generous in supporting the Beatrice. We have also received great assistance from members of the Stoke-on-Trent Boat Club, from Anglo-Welsh Waterways Holidays (Great Haywood), and, of course, from our Volunteers. Alan Weaver (Electrical Contractor) of Leek, John Riley (Carpets) of Leek, and Tim Salt of Staffordshire Canopies have been most helpful to us in keeping the boat up to standard.

In the refurbishment of the Beatrice we are greatly indebted to Rob Shone (Mobile Narrowboat Joinery) and Ed Shiers (Four Counties Marine Services), who have not only been most diligent and resourceful, but have also gone way beyond what could be expected in fitting the boat for another 15 years of service. This winter Aston Marina (Stone) has carried out the painting and servicing of the boat to a very high standard. Trent Valley Marine (at Aston) did major repairs to the boat hull.

The current boat was funded by the executors of the late W Allman CBE, the National Lottery, Radio Stoke Rascal Appeal, BBC Children in Need, Signal Radio, Fenton Green Golf Society, Tullis-Russell-Britains Papers Ltd and the Freemasons of Stoke on Trent.