We are going on a boat.  She’s called Beatrice

What kind of Boat is Beatrice?
She’s a Narrowboat,  She’s called that because she is very long and thin.

What is she like inside?
Beatrice has a toilet, a small kitchen for teachers and her crew, and big windows so you can see everything.

Can we sit outside?
If it’s not raining there is a deck to sit on

Where does Beatrice go?
She cruises on the Caldon Canal, which is very beautiful. Beatrice goes up and down the locks.

What is a lock?
Locks are like stairs, they are used to take boats up and down hills.  You will go up three locks, and later you will come down them again.

What is it like in the locks?
It’s fun and very safe.  Watch our for the water drips!

Can we help with the locks?
If your teacher says you can, yes. But you must wear a life jacket.

What else will we see?
There are bridges and cottages to see and perhaps a tunnel.

Will we see any birds?
There are herons , ducks and sometimes swans and, if we ‘re very lucky, even kingfishers

We hope that you enjoy your trip on Beatrice