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Why the Beatrice is important

An outing on the Beatrice is a wonderful experience. But it is more than just fun, and the Charity meets some very real needs.

People with learning disabilities and their families have the same human rights as everyone else” and they should “be able to participate in all the aspects of community – to work, learn, get about and meet people, be part of social networks and access goods and services – and to have the support to do so.”                                                                                 ‘Valuing People’ white paper 2001

 The Beatrice Charity recognises people’s rights to:be healthy; stay safe; enjoy and achieve.          ‘Every Child Matters’ report 2002

 Each trip on the Beatrice provides a safe activity which contributes towards a healthy and social life, helping groups of children and adults get the most out of life through an enjoyable activity which assists learning and which reinforces community and cooperation.

  “People with … disabilities are often not connected to their communities or given meaningful vocational, social, leisure or learning activities”. The Beatrice is one part of a range of provision that helps people with additional educational needs, the elderly and those with other disabilities,                                                                                                                                              ‘Valuing People Now’ white paper 2007

  • to feel connected, with each other and those who care for them, and with society;
  • to enjoy and learn from boating activity;
  • to develop confidence –partly through helping to work the locks and, for those who have become house-bound and solitary, simply being in a social group; 
  • and to appreciate particularly beautiful countryside.

 The Beatrice Charity trustees, committee and crew are proud of the part we play in making more rewarding the lives of people with additional educational  needs and with disabilities.

Boat on Trent and Mersey